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What makes us different

    When you come to DBC you will find a place where growing in our walk with God is our priority. We get to know each other on a personal level and walk alongside one another through the challenges of life. We understand that Jesus built the church so His followers could be used in each others lives for spiritual reasons. Our desire isn’t to compete with entertainment centers for membership numbers. We take our walk with God and ministry seriously. DBC is a place where everyone is accepted, loved, encouraged, and challenged. Using the word of God we find answers to problems and direction for life. 

    The word of God convicts, encourages, and enlightens us. At DBC we seek God’s message for insight and application. Together we embrace it and grow in our relationship with God and one another. 

    If your walk with God is important to you visit DBC and you will find brothers and sisters in God’s family who want to play a role in your journey. 


Embracing God's word and our journey

At DBC we...........

study God's word 

seek His voice in the message

find application that is relevant 

join hands and grow together

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