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Serenity Seniors

Serenity Seniors is a ministry of DBC that invites Seniors to answer our Father’s Call to share the Love of Jesus with others. We sponsor a movie event especially for seniors, but extending the invitation to all ages, since all the movies are family friendly. This event of Christian fellowship, fun, relaxation and inspiration is held in in our DBC Family Hall on the second Saturday of January, April, June, and October at 11:30 AM. All are encouraged to bring a lunch to enjoy during the movie.

In an outreach service, Serenity Seniors ministry, shares the Love and Care of Jesus with

residents of a local nursing home. We visit these often forgotten elderly the second

Tuesday of each month. At 3:00 PM we sponsor a family movie, help the staff distribute snacks,

and offer Christian kindness, friendship and prayer. New bonds of friendships with these

residents are always supported and encouraged by our Loving Savior, DBC, SS ministry and

the nursing home.

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