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“And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.”

                                                                        Luke 9:62


Looking back provides me with an opportunity to recall where I have been but also to praise myself for what I have accomplished.  Painting only the front of a house gives me a chance to step back and enjoy what it will look like only because the house remains unpainted.


Unfit for the Kingdom of God sounds harsh to the man who has labored tirelessly.  The truth is work has been done, his plow has carved out rows for planting and it appears a garden is taking shape.  God’s idea of being fit for the Kingdom of God has nothing to do with what we left behind or have accomplished to this point.  His idea of being fit for the Kingdom of God has to do with what we focus on.


The Kingdom of God is revealed in the life of Jesus Christ.  He knew where he was from, was aware of everyone around Him, but his works were defined by where He was going.  We cannot be “fit”, i.e., will placed and useful for the Kingdom of God until our focus is beyond our current experience.  Jesus did nothing with the immediate in mind.  The immediate may appear to be the purpose for our existence when, in fact it never is.  Our role in life is not for anything here, it is for what is to come.  


To be useful for God’s Kingdom we must see past what is right in front of us.






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